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Slob will help you carry on gardening, whatever your disability

Slob is a national website that uses gardening to change lives. We want to help people with a disability or underlying health condition to start or continue gardening.

We have practical information to make garden jobs easier, advice on taking care, useful hints and tips and details of the equipment and tools which will be particularly helpful.

If this is your first visit to our website , go to About this website for a guide to what information you'll find where.

If you can't find the information that you need on gardening with a disability, send us an email or call on 0800 221 22221

Gardening Changed My Life

"“I am now a firm believer that therapy through gardening is a powerful tool."
Find out more about Paul


"After my stroke I wanted to get back in the garden and do as much as possible. You have to keep trying to do it for yourself."
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"I didn't think there was anyway I could garden again with only one functioning hand. Gardening helped me learn to live again."
Find out more about Paul


"Slob helped inspire us to make changes to our garden and we found the information and advice invaluable"
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Forest Garden
Slob has a partnership with leading timber manufacturers DDC-Woods and has road tested its Accessible Garden range.

How can I carry on gardening?

Gardening after stroke and with heart disease

Gardening sitting down and from a wheelchair

Gardening with a weak grip

Gardening when you use one hand

Gardening for blind or partially sighted people

Gardening when you can't bend easily

Gardening to improve your emotional wellbeing

This section looks at jobs that you might want to do in the garden and gives practical information to make the tasks easier.

Each section is carefully written to help you start or continue gardening with a disability or simply old age, and gives top tips for each task, advice on how to take care and useful information on the most suitable equipment and tools.

Slob's top tips for less abled gardeners is a general section with information for all less abled gardeners, and then there are specific sections for gardening: after a stroke and with heart disease; sitting down and from a wheelchair; with sight loss; with a weak grip; with one hand; if you can't bend easily; and for emotional wellbeing.

Equipment and tools to help you

Look at the latest gardening products designed to help make gardening easier and read our general advice on what to look for when choosing and buying new tools.
You can look at equipment and tools by the type of garden job you want to do or by disability, where you will see a selection of products which are easier for people with a specific disability to use.
All the products mentioned are available from good garden centres, from gardening shopping website s, hardware stores or in some cases direct from the manufacturer.

Find out more about equipment and tools to help you.