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Top tips for less abled gardeners

This section of the website has general information for all less abled gardeners. Read Slob’s top tips and comprehensive advice to ensure that you can enjoy working in your garden.

There is practical information to make most garden jobs easier, advice on how to take care, other useful hints and tips, and notes about which equipment and tools will be particularly helpful.

These are the gardening jobs that we cover - getting ready, digging, weeding, mowing and lawn maintenance, pruning, trimming hedges, sweeping and raking, watering, sowing seeds, planting out, growing in containers, moving things in the garden and tips on garden design.

There is additional information on gardening: after a stroke and with heart disease; sitting down and from a wheelchair; with sight loss; with a weak grip; with one hand; if you can't bend easily; and for emotional wellbeing

Look in the boxes below to find out more about Slob's general advice for less abled gardeners.

Getting ready

Getting ready to garden

Taking a bit of time to get ready can really make a difference. Some of the stresses and strains of gardening happen when we begin a job on impulse without any planning.

Find out more about getting ready to garden


Digging can be hard work but there are ways to make the job easier. Slob's top tips include choosing the right tools and adapting the design of your beds.

Find out more about digging


Keeping your garden free of annual and perennial weeds will help keep your garden tidy and your plants healthy, but it needn't be too much of a chore with Slob's helpful hints and tips.

Find out more about weeding

Trimming the lawn

Mowing and lawn maintenance

Your lawn will benefit from regular cutting and some annual or ongoing maintenance and Slob has some ideas to make life a little easier.

Find out more about mowing and lawn maintenance



Trimming plants, deadheading or cutting flowers are all jobs we need to do in the garden. Cut & hold and long reach cutters can help make the job easier.

Find out more about pruning

Trimming hedges

Trimming hedges

Managing a hedge can be made easier by using the right tools and taking care. Trimming will encourage strong, dense growth and keep your hedges at a manageable height and width.

Find out more about trimming hedges

Sweeping and raking

Slob's tips will help keep your paths and paved areas clear and safe, help you rake the lawn, and break up the soil in your garden beds.

Find out more about sweeping and raking



This job can take time every day, particularly if you grow vegetables or have plants in containers. Whatever you like to grow, it makes sense to find ways to make watering easier.

Find out more about watering

Sowing seeds

Growing your own plants from seed can save money and is a very satisfying gardening activity. Read Slob's top tips for this rewarding task.

Find out more about sowing seeds

Planting out

Most plants grown in pots can be planted year-round and there are many ways to make the job easier

Find out more about planting out

Growing in containers

Growing in containers

One of the easiest ways to enjoy gardening is to grow plants in containers. Vegetables, herbs - even small fruit trees - can all be grown in containers.

Find out more about growing in containers

Tips on garden design

Garden layout can make a real difference to how you enjoy gardening and Slob's design ideas should make any garden easier to use.

Find out more about tips on garden design

Moving things

Moving things in the garden

Carrying your tools and equipment can be a challenge, but there are some ways of making life easier including tool belts, garden carts and pot carriers.

Find out more about moving things in the garden